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Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development


Have ever found yourself so excited and empowered after thinking you have ”learned" how to install a new hairstyle after watching a “how to” video online? Has that excitement led you to the nearest beauty supply store to purchase everything the nice person in the video told you to get? Did you then find yourself either frustrated in your bathroom mirror or quietly puzzled while standing behind your new  unsuspecting client? At that point you give yourself the pep talk and you just go-for-it!  You start doing the style only to realize it is not as easy as it seems or it is going to take forever.

Now, you are in a mess... if only you could contact that person's video you watched and ask a question... That nightmare is over.  The Strands of Beauty Institute provides hands-on training in both theory and practical lessons.   You get training where ever you are most comfortable and on your own terms all while being able to ask your questions and get immediate feedback on your work.


The Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding and Beauty Business Development will give you the tools to become a professional braider.  You will learn the truth about how to install the styles properly complete with hands on help. A class that fills in the blanks, shows you how to make your work look professional, and explains how to take care of the style. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hands on training is the most helpful and beneficial way to learn to braid, weave and install extensions.  Whether you are learning a new technique or want to prefect your current technique, it is imperative to have someone analyzing your work and providing feedback. Watching videos is a great way to introduce yourself to new techniques, but true skill comes from instruction, interaction, and correct practice.  

This is where Strands of Beauty Institute fits into the your professional puzzle. 


Our Braiders- in- Training

While in our classes you will receive comprehensive and extensive training comprised of:

- Classroom Courses & Quizzes

- Practical Training and Coaching

- Techniques, Tips and Master Braider secrets

- Live Hosted Classes

- Our students have get access to wholesale beauty products

-- Our students may be eligible to join ourStrands of Beauty Braid Team Network ( Earn While You Learn Program). 


Our Trainers are extensively experienced in all braids techniques.  They have first hand knowledge and experience in Strands of Beauty Culture and policy. 


Our Master Braiders train our trainers and have thousands of hours in braiding and braid curriculum development experience. 

How Our Program Works

Choose one of the following learning style programs:

- In Person (Atlanta, Ga, Follow on IG for other locations)

- Online Courses (On Demand)

- Host Remote (Live Online Classes)

The program is 6 weeks. Classes are held on

Weekday Program Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Weekend Program Saturday & Sunday  6:30 am - 10:30 am

All programs come with a 2 week hands-on Earn While You Learn program. In this program students will be on the salon floor getting hands on guidance on special live paying clients.  

What is the Strands of Beauty Team Network?

Once you complete training and receive your certificate, you will be eligible to participate in the Strands of Beauty Braid Team Network. This Team Network is made up of Strands of Beauty Trained Professional Hair Braiders who work in agreement with The Strands of Beauty standard of professionalism, integrity, hair care, and hair quality. 

Network braiders are able to work from home or from a Strands of Beauty location. 


The benefits of the network are:

  • Access to wholesale hair extensions & products

  • Customer Leads (We send clients to you) (worldwide)

  • Access to member's only Social Media Groups

  • Access to master trainers

  • Advertisement and promotion of your work and your brand.

Below are our courses along with the course number:  

Braider Health & Hygiene  1000A

Braider Self Care  1100B

Hair Types, Textures & Colors 1200

Hair Braiding 101

How to Braid my child's hair 102

Box Braids - (including knotless) 103

Twist & Locs 104

Sew-ins & Wigs 201

Extensions (Micro Links, Tape, No Braid) 300

Tree Braids 301

Advanced Tree Braids 302 

Crochet Braids 303

FreeStyle & Design 340

Stitch Braids 305

Beauty Business Development 400

Students are required to purchase the Braider Success Kit, which includes text books, hair extensions, and tools needed for the course. 

Braider Health & Hygiene  1000A

Braider Self Care  1100B

Hair Types, Textures & Colors 1200

Hair Braiding 101

How to Braid My Child's Hair 102*

Box Braids - (including knotless) 103

Twist & Locs 104

Sew-ins & Wigs 201

Extensions (Micro Links, Tape, No Braid) 300

Tree Braids 301

Advanced Tree Braids 302* 

Crochet Braids 303

FreeStyle & Design 340

Stitch Braids 305

Beauty Business Development 400

*optional classes (not requited for certificate)

June 19-  July 29, 2023
August 6 -Sept 16, 2023
Sept 17 - Oct 28, 2023
Jan 7- Feb 24, 2024

q & a

Who can enroll? Anyone who is interested in learning how to braid hair.  Students enrolling in any techniques class must demonstrate proficiency in the basic braiding techniques taught in our Braiding 101 class.  The age requirement is 12 +.  Students 12 -18 between years of age must be in school and have a parent's written permission.

How Do I Enroll?  The first step is completing the application. You will be contacted by a school official to complete the enrollment process. 

When and where do the classes take place?  What is the schedule? SOBI classes are online modules and can be completed at your own pace.  Live Instructor Guided classes are weekly on Monday. 

Will I get a certificate?  Yes, all students will receive a certificate of completion and certification in each area.  Since the state of Georgia does not provide any braider certification, we have established standards and serve as a confirmation via certification. that each graduating student has in-fact had hands on training on best practices on specific techniques. 

What is the host live class schedule? Host Live classes are held on Monday and Tuesday evening from 6:30 -8:30pm EST. 

Is there a textbook and other required materials? Yes. These materials are digital and will be added to your student account upon enrollment. 

What will I need for the class? You will need a laptop or smartphone, and braiders success kit.

Students will also need an area to complete the style and/or course being taught. All applicants must demonstrate their braiding ability prior to gaining class access. Any students who need an Intro to braiding class will be offered that class at a price of $199. 

How much is tuition, what is included and how do I pay for it?

Tuition is $1499.  A deposit of $ 400 at the time of enrollment. The balance can be paid with multiple forms of payment. Financing is available. 

The Braider Success Kit is $299.

All students must purchase the required course materials which are included braiders kit:

student t-shirt, course text manuals,Mannequin head and stand, combs, required hair extensions (track hair, braiding hair, micro link hair, tape extensions, required tools.

*Optional classes are priced separately and may require a prerequisite.  Optional classes are NOT a part of the regular course curriculum and may be held at various times and dates. To enroll, complete the registration form and select optional classes. 

Tuition, fees, and payments for kits are non refundable.

Do you offer financing or a payment plan?  Yes, our program can be financed in house and without a credit check.  The financing program allows for repayment over the course of the program. Simply select "yes" on the application question that ask if you need financing.

If I take less than the entire program, do I still get a certificate?  Yes! If you choose to take specific classes and NOT the entire program, we will certify you in those specific areas. 

My home state requires a braiders license. Can SOBI help me prepare for my state's braider test? Yes, we are happy to prepare you for your state test and also teach needed techniques for your life as a professional braider. 

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