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The Big Chop

How to Overcome the Intimidation of Going Natural

By: Ethena Profit

The natural hair journey can be very intimidating especially if it is your first time transitioning or doing the Big Chop.  Sometimes, we don't know whether to straighten our hair, wear the hair in its natural state, or slap a relaxer back in it to get rid of all the struggles and stress that natural hair can seem to cause.  All of us have probably gone through the "try every product on the shelf" phase and trying every way possible to alter the appearance of our natural hair.  It can take some time to adjust to the new look, but once you find out what works best for you, the journey will be so much easier and worth all the time and dedication spent towards it.

However...  MYTH BUSTER

Going natural does not mean a short style or twa.  You can enhance your natural hair with natural hair extensions.  Use these natural hair extensions to create the length and look you want while being natural. 




1. Relax, take a breath, everything will be okay. Time and patience is the key! 

2. Take some fun selfies at least once a month of your hair growth; Promise, you will notice a difference and you will see growth. 

3. Get more comfortable with your natural hair by utilizing natural hair extensions such as natural hair micro links, kinky lace wigs ( as shown above), kinky straight tape extensions, or a kinky ponytail. Put on one of your favorite outfits, some cute jewelry,  maybe even apply a little makeup. Sometimes doing things as simple as at will make you feel like a the jewel you are. 



Before you know it, 3, 6, 9, 12 months will have past by! Take a look at all that hair growth!

Take a look at the human kinky hair extension and lace wig options at the Strands of Beauty Hair Co. Shop. 

Be sure to send me some pictures.  I love hearing from you all!


Ethena in Natural Hair Extensions.HEIC
Ethena in Natural Pontail Extenstions.HEIC
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