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Tree Braids

Tree Braids are the best of both the braid world and weave world. They are a healthy protective braid technique that do NOT require sewing, glue, crocheting, or single braiding.  Tree Braids are:

  • Light on your head. They are NOT heavy at all

  • Protects and grows your natural hair

  • Allows you to have direct access to your scalp

  • Can last up to 2 months with proper care


Tree Braids are completed in a one step process:  The hair extension creates the "tree" part of the braid. The best part about Tree Braids is that all of your natural hair is braided and growing while you wear the look of a head full of hair, not braids.  

Some people may refer to Tree Braiding as interlocking.  Tree Braids can be done with any hair from high grade synthetic to human hair.  We always provides the hair with all services, however you are welcome to bring your own hair.  Tree Braids are available in three sizes: Regular Small,Extra Small, and Extra-Extra Small. 

Question about tree braids? We've got answers. Watch the videos below 

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