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Get a Protective Braid Style Instead

  By now you may either be a Protective Style veteran or still skeptical of Tree Braids and Crochets.  These styles by far, are the best option when it comes to a protective style for growing and strengthening your hair.  I have been natural for about 9 years and I grew out my relaxer and grew my hair with Tree Braids. We have hundreds of clients who have done the same with Tree Braids or Crochets.  The best part  about these styles is that you have direct access to your scalp so you can nourish your natural hair while wearing this style.

Did you know you can wear any color, texture or length with Tree Braids?  Did you know that Crochet Braids are best to give you a full "natural" look? Well, now you know!  So, if you are thinking of trying a new color so you do not have to color your natural hair think about these options.  Test it with Tree Braids or Crochet Braids in the color and length that you think you like. 



Tree Braids by Strands of Beauty with Human hair (light brown)


Tree Braids by Strands of Beauty in black with platinum streaks (body wave hair extra long and extra thick)


 Tree Braids  by Strands of Beauty in brown with blond ombre (body wave hair)



Crochet Braids with Marley Curls


Crochet Braids with a custom curl



Crochet Braids with Water Wave Hair



Crochet Senegalese Twist





Tree Braids with Extra Long Deep Wave Hair



Tree Braids with Body Wave Hair 1b/99j



Tree Braids with Body Wave Hair Toy- Streaks




Before & After Tree Braids with Body Wave Hair 



Partial Tree Braids

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