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So You Think You Can Braid Audition Form
Complete this form and upload a short video following the directions below. 
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About Your Salon

Tell us about where you work. If you work from home, use your home information. 


More About You

What is your annual income?
If you had choice, what would you choose?
Which of these is your favorite?

Submit a 2 minute  profile video  one of two ways:

1. Upload a video Max 15MB


2. Make the video on YouTube and share the link below.

The video must have the following information:

Your Name and where you are from.  How long you have been braiding? What is your inspiration to braid? What is your favorite braiding style?   Why do you want to and what will you do if you win the Crown of Greatness? Feel free to show some of your work! 

Upload Video

Thanks for submitting!

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