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Braid Students Doing Your Hair? YES! 

Our staff is comprised of Braiders-in Training, Trainers, and Master Braiders. Our Braiders. 

Our Braiders- in- Training have completed a comprehensive and extensive training course comprised of:

- Classroom Courses & Quizzes

- Practical Hands-on Training and Coaching

Their work is supervised and coached to ensure proper technique and quality for our clients.  

Our Trainers are extensively experienced in all braids techniques.  They have first hand knowledge and experience in Strands of Beauty Culture and policy. 

Our Master Braiders train our trainers and have thousands of hours in braiding and braid curriculum development.

Different braiders complete different styles:

Happy Hour is completed by Braider-in-Training

Braider request are available based on style and availability.  Some styles are only completed Braiders-in- Training and some by Trainers and/or Master Braiders.  If you have a request, you must confirm that the braider type is available prior to the service. 

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