Frequently Asked Question


What is your COVID-19 Prevention Policy?

We prioritize the health and safety of our team and our clients. Please be advised of our policy: All clients and team members are required to undergo a temperature check and are required to properly wear (covering your mouth and nose) a face mask at all times during the entire appointment. Temperature checks will be conductied in a non-discriminatory manner on clients, contractors and any one else within 6 ft of the service area. If your temperature is above normal (98.8 degrees), and/or you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, your appointment will be rescheduled. We use disposable capes and disposable chair covers on each appointment. As aways - following a long time practice and policy, each tool used will be properly cleaned and sterilized prior to additional use. We strongly recommend our preferred touchless forms of payment: Zelle app or Cash in plastic. If you pay cash, be sure to bring currancy in a plastic bag and keep the currency in the bag at the time of payment. If you are sick, please be responsible and reschedule your appointment. We may terminate your hair appointment at any time if the client appears to exhibit what may be to the untrained eye "symptoms of illness".

Do you take any special precautions for sanitization?

Yes, all in-home suites are required to clean areas that have been touched or used by other with 70% alcohol or barbicide. As always, all combs, clips and other tools used during the service must be properly sanitized prior to the start of any service.

How can I prepare for a braider coming to my home or office to do my hair?

First, identify a place in your home where the braiding will take place. We strongly recommend in a living room area, basement, an area with hardwood floors or floors with easy clean up. Be sure that ALL pets have been safely put in an area away from the braider and in an area where the pet could not get to the stylist. You will need a comfortable chair for you (the client) to use during the service and a small table for that the braider may use. The best area for in home or in office services is near a television or radio. The braiding area must be free from any food, smoke, fire, and/or any other danger, hazard, or distraction. You will need to wear a mask during the service and be prepared for the braider to sanirize the braiding area/chair. Be sure that you have resolved any responsibilities you may have prior to the appointment, such as child care, food pick up, payment for hair services, etc. Braiders will not be able to stop the appointment to accommodate situations such as: cooking, cleaning, pick ups, drop offs, or any interference that would delay the appointment longer than five (5 minutes). Discuss payment options and be prepared to pay the full balance plus any upgrades and/or gratuity prior to the appointment. For the safety of our clients and Brand Partners, Braiders will not be able to accompany clients to ATM machines, banks, or any other location to receive payment or for any reason.

What services does Ethena Beauty offer?

We are a partnership of hair braiders who specialize in chemical-free protective hair styles that promote hair growth and healthy hair. Each of our partners have been highly trained to provide the Ethena Beauty level of service and quality. Our specialities consist of: Tree Braids, Crochet Braids, Sew-ins, Locs, Natural Hair Styles, Children's Braiding, Single Braids, Micro Braids, Senegalese Twist, Kinky Twist, Custom Wig Creation, Wig Installation, Braid-less Extensions, Micro Links, Tape Extensions, Braid-in Weave, Sew-in with 360 closures-frontals-closures. Relaxing Shampoos and Deep Conditioning Treatments are available at certain locations. If you would like a shampoo be sure to select a location that specifically states that this service is available. If your selected braider does not provide this service, you are expected to have your natural hair freshly shampooed (within 24 hours of your appointment), blown dry from the root, and manageable prior to the appointment to avoid a $30 manageable fee. Please DO NOT press your hair with oil or freshly relax your hair.

What if someone else, (like a daughter, or friend that may be at my home or office) who was not scheduled for an appointment wants to get their hair done when they see the braider doing my hair?

These type of things happen all of the time. You are getting your hair done and suddenly realize that your daughter needs/wants to get her's done too. The way to do this is to simply book another appointment on www.Ethenabeauty.com, www.strandsofbeautysalon.com, or by calling 770-882-8156.

Can I just book future appointments with the braider/stylist directly?

All appointments must be booked on the Strands f Beauty appointment setting system only. Appointments have two parts to the payment. Part one is the confirmation deposit. The confirmation deposit must be paid to Strands of Beauty only. This notifies the braider of the appointments and blocks the schedule to give the time to you only. Part two is the remaining balance. The remaining balance is subject to change based on the client's agreement with the braider at the time of the appointment. This means that add-on services may increase your remaining balance. The removal of an add on service may lower your remaining balance. The remaining balance is due via cash, cashapp, zelle app, or credit card. Please confirm with your braider on the type of payment they receive. Cash or Zelle App is preferred. Remaining balances are due at the beginning of the service, once the style has been agreed upon.

What is an ïn-home satellite hair studio and what should I expect?

An in-home satellite hair studio is a located in a separate area of the braider's home that has been designated for hair braiding. Strands of Beauty conducts site surveys to ensure the designated area is up to standard and the service can be conducted in an intimate yet professional environment. Each in-home studio must be equipped with a proper salon chair and salon products. The service is not allowed to take place in a kitchen or in a common area if others are around. It is a violation of the agreement for braiders/stylist to preform services in front of family or friends. We are focused on professionalism and providing an intimate setting for these services. If you feel that your appointment took place in an unprofessional setting, be sure to communicate your experience on Customer Satisfaction Survey or contact us at info@strandsofbeauty.com.

How do I get the location of the appointment?

Once you have made your confirmation deposit, you will receive a confirmation via email and/or text with the location of your appointment. If the appointment is taking place at your home or office, you will be asked to provide the address and confirm that you will have an area available for the braider to set up.

What if I change my mind about the style I want when the stylist arrives?

While you can change your mind a bit about your appointment, meaning adding on to the basic appointment is usually okay. However changing the appointment completely such as changing from Crochet braids to Tape Extensions may require a different specialist and different hair in which your braider may not be prepared to do. If you think you may want to change your mind, be sure to communicate that information, so we can ensure a specialist is available who can preform the styles you have in mind.

Are the braiders Strands of Beauty Employees?

Our team consist of Strands of Beauty Brand Partners who are business owners or independent contractors licensed to use the Strands of Beauty Brand. While they are not employees, they have committed to our level of excellence as well as our policies.

What happened to the salons?

In light of staying on course with current trends, we decided to expand brand in order to do two things:

  • Empower entrepreneurship
  • Provide a more convenient and safe way to provide our services to clients
  • The world is changing and we believe that the same way you can have the convenience of having just about any food or product delivered, we believe your hair should also be convenient. No more driving to a salon or getting your hair braided in public. Mobile and In-home hair studios gives our brand partners time to be more creative and run their business of enhancing beauty, not being stuck in a salon. We now provide an intimate and more accommodating setting. Also, we believe in community. Identifying and training braiders in your community enhances community and empowers the entrepreneur who is performing the service.

How do I get a consultation?

Simply give us a call or text 1855-787-2637 to request a virtual consultation.

Why do I need to make a deposit?

Strands of Beauty has a strict No-Double Book policy. This means that we will not deliberately book two appointments with the same start time with the same Brand Partner. The deposit confirms your appointment time, location, service and is subtracted from your total service price. Appointments without deposits, are only scheduled and NOT confirmed. Our scheduling system is on a "first confirmed, first served" basis. That means that our automated scheduling system will reschedule/ bump and/or cancel unconfirmed appointments and in its place, schedule appointments that are confirmed.

Do you provide the hair? Can I bring my own hair?

Yes! we provide the hair for 99% of our clients. You can simply text a picture f the style that you want, showing the hair pattern and color to 1855-787-2736 and we will add the hair to your service. Yes, you can bring your own extension hair. If you decide to bring your own hair, please call and/or text the scheduling hotline at 1855-787-2736 or email us at info@strandsofbeauty.com and confirm the type of hair you are bringing. If you schedule an appointment with hair included and decide to bring your own hair, please inform us no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to give us advance notice may result in you paying the original price (including the hair we supply) especially if the hair is "special order".

Does Strands of Beauty Remove Braids?

Yes! We remove all types of braids, we call it a "Take Down" service. However, if you need a shampoo be sure to communicate this when the appointment is booked so we can accommodate the request. What if I am running late to my appointment? Please call Strands of Beauty at 770.882.8156 or 1855-787-2736 or email info@strandsofbeauty.com at least 2 hours prior to your appointment if you think you are going to be late. We have a strict 15 minute appointment grace period policy. This means, that we can wait for you up to 15 minutes after the confirmed appointment time. If you have not arrived within the 15 minute grace period AND you have not called to confirm how late you will be, your appointment will be cancelled and your $25 deposit will be forfeited

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please call the salon at 770.882.8156 or email info@strandsofbeauty.com at no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel. If you have made a deposit AND you cancel your appointment properly, we will gladly refund your $25 deposit or you may schedule for a different day and move your deposit to the new appointment date. Confirmed appointments cancelled with in 24 hours of the appointment will be cancelled, but the $25 deposit will be forfeited or allowed a one-time date change. If the date-change appointment is also not kept, the deposit will be forfeited.

Do you take same day appointments/"walk-ins"?

Yes, we love same day appointments. Please understand that we will do our very best at working with same day, however our confirmed appointments have priority. It is always best to call 770-882-8156 or 1855-STRANDS ( 7872736) and speak to someone INSTEAD OF booking online or via the app for same day appointments.


Yes, however because we are not familiar with the practices of the stylist/braider that installed your style we will take extra precaution to remove the style without damaging your hair. This may take extra time.


It has been proven that alopecia clients need the healthiest, most scalp accessible style available. We have several styles that will achieve many results! Most clients with thinning hair or alopecia are surprised with the number of options available. Be sure that your alopecia is not inflamed prior to your appointment, if so we will reschedule your appointment and ask that you bring a release from your doctor.


Our motto is "We do it right, not tight". It is best to get a style that will not contribute to the thinning already taking place. If your edges are thinning, be sure to point out the area(s) to your stylist/braider BEFORE we start the process. We highly recommend an in person, email, or virtual consultation in order to determine the best style for you.


Medium Tree Braids (last 4 weeks): These braids take the least amount of time to complete. Regular Small Tree Braids (last 6 weeks): These braids take approximately 3.5 hours to complete. These are the most popular. Extra Small (last 8 weeks): These braids take approximately 4+ hours to complete. Extra/Extra Small (10 weeks): These braids take approximately 6 + hours to complete. What should I do to my hair before getting braids? Do not relax your hair at least a week to your appointment. Relaxer weakens the hair and causes breakage while wearing braids. Simply wash and either air dry or blow dry your hair.

What should I do If I do not like my hair?

During your appointment we will show you the mirror several times. When we show you the mirror, we are asking if you approve of the progress and the look of your hair. At that time, you will need to tell your braider what you like and do not like about your hair. If you approve, the braider will continue, if you do not approve the braider will make the necessary adjustments at that time and ask for your approval before proceeding. These adjustments MUST be made during the braiding process and not at the end of the service. Once you approve of the style by allowing the braider to complete the style you are expected to pay for the service. Paying for your service, implies that you agree that the service has been done correctly and to your liking. All hair issues must be addressed before you leave the salon. We do not offer re-dos or adjustments after the service has been completed.

I am tender headed, can I still get my hair braided?

Our motto is "we do it right, not tight". "Tight" is different for every person. Please alert your braider if you are tender headed PRIOR to the start of your appointment. We adjust our grip throughout the braiding process according to your level of comfort.


Strands of Beauty is all about providing excellent customer service, professionalism and healthy hair. By choosing Strands of Beauty, you have decided on a hair experience, not just another “necessary evil of getting your hair done”. We care about you, the health of your hair, and your experience while working with Strands of Beauty or any of our Brand Partners.