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Are Protective Styles Enough?

What do they mean and how to choose?

By: Ethena Profit

Protective styles can assist with growing healthy hair and retaining length. When we think of protective styles Tree BraidsCrochet BraidsSew-ins, and Correct Wig Installations come to mind.  Most of us love protective styles because we don’t have to worry about brushing, combing, or styling our natural hair.  Protective styles save time!  Although, protective styles are great and very easy to manage during our day-to-day life, we still have to remember to take care of our crown underneath.


Here are some great hair care tips:

1. Try to drink at least 64oz (8 glasses) of water daily. Our body is made up of 70% water. Water also supports vitamin intake, aiding in efficient and healthy hair growth. Our hair grows amazingly in a moisture-rich environment, meaning simply drinking water is one of the best ways to quench the thirst of dry hair.











2. It is perfectly okay to shampoo or co-wash and/or condition your hair while wearing a protective style. In fact, keeping your scalp clean will help with the dirt build up and it will make you feel refreshed. In line with keeping yourself healthy, you may be working out while wearing a protective style.  The way to combat the sweat is with a the Strands of Beauty Refresh Spray. Our Refresh Spray can go inside your gym bag... you just spray after your workout to keep your scalp smelling and feeling clean.  If you do decide to shampoo your hair while wearing a protective style, we recommend that once you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair, make sure your hair and braids are completely dry by sitting under a hooded dryer. 








3. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!!! Moisturizing your natural hair and scalp is very important and can’t be stressed enough. Although your hair is protected, moisturizing is a critical part of maintaining healthy hair. The best way to moisturize your natural hair while wearing protective style is by using our Leave-in Hug Spray for both your extentions and your natural hair.  Keep your scalp moisturized with our Rosemary Growth Stimulating Oil. 























Strands of Beauty specializes in protective styles, particularly tree braidscrochet braidscorrect wig installations, and sew-ins. Our motto is, " We do it right, not tight!"  Each Strands of Beauty team member is committed to our philosophy  & promise of making sure each client's hair is moisturized and protected WITHOUT too-tight braiding or unnecessary pulling. Feel free to contact us with your questions about how to reach your hair goals! 

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